Medicine v. Therapy

I am frequently asked whether therapy or medicine is best. My answer is a complicated "both". The answer is really dependent on the individual's symptoms and suffering. In some cases of mild depression, studies suggest that therapy alone may be superior to anti-depressants. Many times medication alone is sufficient to treat depression; but frequently medication and psychotherapy together provide the best results for the patient. In these last cases, the symptoms that the individuals are suffering with are severe enough to impede the process of therapy. Medications are employed so the individual may better utilize thier time and money in the therapy process.

Psychiatrists are trained to ease suffering and promote wellness; we do this through use of medication, therapy, and encouraging healthy lifestyles and behaviors. I offer my patients hour appointments for psychotherapy where medication managment may or may not be done. I also refer to a number of therapist in the area based on the deisred therapist characteristics.

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